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Stress Management

What is stress?

Stress is...

'The human response to any demand of life, to anything that causes readjustment.' - Bans Selye

'A non-specific physiological and psychological chain of events that are triggered by an external disruption of one's equilibrium or homeostasis.' - John Adams

Types of stress

You may think that all stress is bad and that any amount of stress causes mental and physical health problems. In fact, we need a certain amount of stress to work efficiently; too low a stress level can lead to lethargy and a lack of attention — which in itself could be dangerous. So, stress can be both positive and negative:

PositiveLike preparing for battle

Stress only becomes negative when too high a level of stress is sustained over long periods. For some people stress becomes negative at a lower level and others have a high tolerance to stress; we all have our own optimum stress level. The following discussion will be examining the effects of negative stress.

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