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5. Check that they have learnt what they need to know

Get the students to demonstrate that they have met the training objectives.

Testing competence does not have to be an 'examination'. The minimum condition is that the you should be able to observe the desired behaviour so the standards can be checked to see whether the training has been effective. The 'tests' should be based on the original objectives. This does not mean that we are 'teaching the test' or that the tests are easy - we are only wishing to test the students on the desired behaviour. If we give a student a test on something that has not been taught - even if the test is easy - the student will become confused and annoyed.

6. Expect and ensure success

Expectation is one of the strongest motivators. Obviously, you should not express false expectations. Tests should only be given to students who are ready for it. To do otherwise is inefficient and could be dangerous.

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