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Brainstorming is an idea-generating technique pioneered by Alex Osborn who was an advertising executive. A group of people put foward their ideas as they think of them, so that each idea has the opportunity to build on other ideas. Brainstorming creates an atmosphere of freedom which is maintained by four basic rules:

Brainstorming methods

There three main brainstorming methods:

All of these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages as shown below:

Free Wheeling

MethodMembers are encouraged to call out ideas freely and randomly until no one has anything further to add. Ideas are written on a flip chart exactly as they are stated — any editing is a form of judging.
AdvantagesSpontaneous and open — consequently members are apt to open up and think along more creative lines.
DisadvantagesIndividuals can dominate session. Quiet members may be reluctant to participate. Confusion may result from too many people talking at the same time.

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