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Module 6 - Learning Resources

In this final module we will be looking at a number of learning resources which will help your personal learning and will provide source materials for your own learning events.


Icebreakers are very useful for introductions, revision, illustrating learning points, team building and providing breaks during learning events. The following provide a good source of icebreakers, brain teasers and exercises:

Icebreakers and Energizers
Icebreaker Book List


It can be a lengthy and expensive process to develop your own learning resources so it can be useful to have access to a set of free and quality resources. Our growing LearningBlog.org resource collection will have articles, e-books, learning materials, handouts, spreadsheets and software.


Depending on your learning preferences, books can be a very effective way of learning. Amazon has a large stock of new books and many independent booksellers sell used and collectable books there. Our shop, Learning Pages Shop, has a good selection of new and used books and other learning resources. Two of the best search engines for finding books are BookFinder.com and Google Product Search.

Anecdotes and Fables

Anecdotes and fables are very good for illustrating learning points and introducing concepts. You can find a good selection in our Anecdotes and Fables collections.


Quotes can be used as 'interest-getters' and are very good for illustrating learning points. You can find a good selection in our Quotations Collection where you will also find our Thought for the Day.

This concludes our 'Learning to Learn' e-course. I hope you found it useful and that it has helped you develop your ability and enthusiasm for learning.

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