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Sixth Vegetable

Have a picture of a carrot ready to reveal at the end of this exercise.

Repeatedly ask the group some simple addition problems that all add up to six (such as two plus four, one plus five) for a number of minutes, and then ask them to write down the name of the first vegetable that comes into their head. Now reveal the picture of the carrot!

Additional information

This surprising result came out of some experiments and, as far as I can see, no-one has come up with a convincing explanation. Yes, a carrot is a common vegetable and orange is a distinctive colour, but that doesn't explain the link to the figure 6. I suspect that it might be linked to synasthesia ( I hope I got that right) where some people see numbers as colours. It seems that we all have this ability to a greater or lesser extent and it may be that we have a neural link between 6 and organge.

Larger carrot image

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