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Why I Dropped Dropbox

I have been using Dropbox for many years and have found it to be the most reliable of all the cloud storage applications. It is also compatible with more applications than its competitors. So, why have I decided to stop using it?

Recently, I had to restore my desktop computer from a backup. When I came to sign back into Dropbox, I got the following message: "Your plan supports upto 3 devices... Try Plus for free or unlink some devices".

With the free Basic plan you get 2GB of storage, but what they don't tell you on the Dropbox website is that with this plan you can only connect three devices. I need to connect four devices: my desktop, laptop, phone and tablet.

Upgrading to the Plus plan will give you 1TB (1000GB) of storage but this will cost you £78.96 a year if you pay annually or £95.88 a year if you pay in monthly installments. I don't need a terabyte of cloud storage so essentially this means that I will need to pay an extra £79 a year to connect one more device!

Alternatives to Dropbox

There are many alternatives to Dropbox but for this post, I'll compare Dropbox to two other popular cloud storage providers - Apple's iCloud and Microsoft's One Drive. To date, I have had no problems connecting multiple devices to these alternatives.

Cost Per Month

Storage 2GB 5GB 50GB 200GB1TB 2TB 6TB
Dropbox £0.00N/A N/A N/A £7.99*N/A N/A
iCloud N/A £0.00£0.79£2.49N/A £6.99N/A
OneDriveN/A £0.00£1.99N/A £5.99*N/A £7.99*

The above prices are for non-business accounts. Up to six family members can share Apple's 200GB and 2TB storage plans but you need to bear in mind that Apple connects with fewer applications than Dropbox or Microsoft. Microsoft's 1TB and 6TB plans include Office 365.

*Better value if you pay annually.

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