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Constructing a Pareto diagram

The Pareto diagram is constructed in five steps:

  1. Decide how the data should be classified
  2. Use a check chart to collect the data
  3. Summarise data from the check chart
  4. Construct a bar graph with the tallest bar on the left and the shortest on the right
  5. Plot cumulative amounts using a single line

Let me show you an example of how this works. Can you imagine a computer network which keeps on breaking down? In order to investigate this problem you would have start by collecting data. The tool that’s usually used for this is called a check chart. It’s just a form that has been ruled up so that you can collect the data you want.

The times at which the network breaks down will be shown in the first column, the times at which the network is up again will be in the second column and the downtime for each outage will be shown in the third column.

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